6 weeks online course.

“Let go of your belives, without loosing yourself.”

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

This course is for you who finds the journey difficult to take by yourself.
This course is for you who are in a challenging life situation where it can be difficult to hold on to yourself.

This course is for you who need support to build a solid lifefoundation, which is built from your unique authentic self.
You are unsure where to go and if anyone understands you.
You feel the need to connect with others who are going through the same process.
It´s for you who are ready to take action to get closer to yourself and not just think about it or talk about it.
In "Let go of your beliefs, without losing yourself", we focus on changing what makes life difficult, at a pace where you can still keep up.
This course will challenge you in a gentle and supportive way, to live more authentically and in accordance with your own values, so that you can go through life with the freedom to be yourself and be confident in it.
You have the right to be yourself, it is my most important task to be able to support you in that.

What do you get?

6 weeks course.

One 1:1 session with deconstruction adviser Parmone Luccicaileo.

Privat facebook group, where you can connect and ask questions.

Weekly privat call in the group.

Acces to recorded videos – you can watch them, when it fits you.

Worksheets you can print out and work with.

2 relaxing meditations.

The moduls:

Modul 1

How well do you know yourself?

Modul 2

Connect to your body

Modul 3

Understand the mind.

Modul 4

Set healthy boundaries

Modul 5

Self Love – senses, feelings and pleasure.

Modul 6

How to navigate in an uncertain future.

Details about the moduls:

Modul 1

How well do you know yourself?

This course starts with a 1:1, 1 hour talk with me, deconstruction adviser Parmone.

The talk includes a deep look at you as a person, and where you stand in life right now.

The purpose of the talk is to get a look at your blueprint, your core. 

This means your personal values, skills, ideas, visions, talents, attitudes and knowledge both the formal and the informal.

Because none of us are alike, getting to look at one’s blueprint provides good support to get to know ourselves better.

In an unlearning process of our beliefs, it can feel like we are crumbling, as our identity has been so dependent on what we have been told, we should do and what we should think and believe.

You will be supported in this part of the course, to get to know yourself on a deeper level and find that your blueprint looks completely unique and by understanding ourselves better, we can build a strong identity again – fortunately.

Video: “Identity”

Worksheet: 6 minut dairy, “My narrativ” & “What makes me happy”

Q and A

Meditation – Body scan

Modul 2

Connect to your body

This part focus is to inspire and introduce to daily activity and to get knowledge about why connecting to your body is an important part of your journey. 

Don´t worry if your not in to hardcore training – it’s activity for beginners. 

The body is a perfect tool to be in the here and now and through movement and activity, we can get a break from the busy mind with thoughts, planning and worries.

When we start to use the body in ways we find fun and pleasing, we can begin to gain more confidence in what our body can do, and what we can do with our body. 

This construction of trust in new abilities, will affect our life in other areas too.

The video: “Activity and habits”

Worksheet: Tracking and action (how to get started).

Workout program 

Q & A 

Modul 3

Understand the mind

Mindset means the way we think.

Through this part of the course, you will gain insight into some of the thought patterns we humans have. It is the intention that you learn about how our brains can play tricks on us and how we can, when we become aware of it, train us to get healthy thought patterns that support us.

Our brains are a relic of the past, busy with our survival, that may have some weaknesses when it comes to help us with clear thinking and decision making.

The video: “Reset your mindset”
Worksheet: How to work with your mindset.
Q and A.

Modul 4

Do you find it difficult to set boundaries for yourself?
In this module you will learn how to be able to set healthy boundaries for yourself.
It can be difficult to feel our boundaries when, from the indoctrination and the religious environment, we may have experienced that our boundaries were violated.

It can be really hard to set a limit, and sometimes even harder to stand by it. You may know it yourself; you want to say no, but will say yes – and regret it afterwards.
We erase ourselves, others lose respect for us and our self-esteem dives. Therefore, in this module you will get concrete tools for learning to set boundaries. It is both devastating and draining for one’s quality of life when we do not set boundaries.
You will learn to set healthy boundaries with a clear conscience, both physically. mentally and relationally.

The video: “Boundaries – why it matters”
Worksheet: Worksheet where you work with your experiences with boundary setting
Q and A

Modul 5

Self Love – senses, feelings and pleasure.

In a learning process, it is important to be good at ourselves.
It is hard work to rebuild oneself and create the life we ​​want and the emotions are always there.
In this module we look at how we can work to accommodate all the emotions that are in us, so they do not become brake pads, but on the contrary, get the space they need so we can feel like whole people who can also trust what we feel and can be open to what we feel.
We look at concepts such as inner compass, intuition and emotions – and explore those emotions.
Enjoyment is also an important part of self-love, many who grew up in religious environments have experienced by those as children have been neglected and not seen as who they are.
Because when faith and God are the most important in life, then children are seen as someone who must be corrected and thus a failure of care is experienced.
Self-love and enjoyment are the way to be able to take good care of oneself, to be able to be the parent one does not have, towards oneself.
Expect a good portion of practical advice, a lot of care … and also about sexuality and sensuality.

The video: “Self-love”
Worksheet: Worksheet on the practice of your self-love.

Modul 6
How to navigate in an uncertain future.

Time to look ahead.
Everything you have learned and taken to yourself in this course, you must take with you into the future, so that you stand strong.
Strong from the inside out so that what you encounter in the future, does not knock you out or make you disappear from yourself again.
We also talk about in this module about what it is like to face the future and know it is uncertain..and how it is positive.
We are looking at a future where it is possible to escape the need for certainty and can work on having confidence in the future instead of fearing what is to come.

The video: "The future is uncertain - great!"
Worksheet: Worksheet focusing on YOUR future.

The practical things:

The price is 1500 dk kr

Its very important to me that it´s the right participants who are on the course, so therefore you contact me before registration, to get a non-binding conversation.

Write me at hellorefuto@gmail.com for more information.

Looking forward to hear from you.

All the best Parmone.


“…in this world, choosing authenticity and worthiness is an absolute act of resistance. You’re going to confuse, piss off, and terrify lots of people — including yourself. You’ll wonder how you can feel so brave and so afraid at the same time. At least that’s how I feel most of the time . . . brave, afraid, and very, very alive.”


About me

My name is Parmone Luccicaileo and I´m the founder of Refuto.

I made this course because I myself have been through a journey of unlearning and decontructing from fundamentalist Christianity.

It is also a collection of the knowledge I have gained through life both personally and knowingly from the educations I have taken. Both as a beautician, yoga teacher, nurse and knowledge mentor.

My personal experience of unlearning fundamentalist Christianity, has been the journey where I have learned the most about myself, this has not been easy.

I´ve traveled the road myself as I did not know anyone who had done the same. So with this course I want you to get the support you need and experience that you are not alone.

I do not have to tell you what to believe,

I´m here as your guide on your journey where I will give you support and the tools you need on your journey – in a safe environment and at your own pace.

I’m glad you’re here.

Xo Parmone.

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